Luke Zacharias

Luke Zacharias

Managing Partner

I am the founding partner of Zacharias Vickers.  I have a passion for helping people.  In the context of law, people often need assistance during some of the most difficult times of their lives.  I care about being able to make a real difference during these difficult times.


I believe in giving back to my community.  I have focused much of my community involvement on helping those in need.  Below are some of the community organizations that I have been involved with.

I grew up in Chilliwack and graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley with a Bachelor of Arts in 1999.  I attended law school at the University of British Columbia and graduated with my Juris Doctor in 2002.  I have been a member of the British Columbia Bar since completing my articles in 2003.


I care about obtaining great results for my clients.  Many cases are resolved by way of negotiation, however, this is not always possible.  Below are some of my trial results.

  1. Johnson v. Courville WCAT (Administrative law) – Successful defense on worker issue
  2. 2020 BCSC 1489 (CanLII) | Jantzi v Moore | CanLII (personal injury) In this case ICBC denied liability offered $100,000 prior to trial. The judge determined the other driver to be 85% at fault and awarded $490,000
  3. 2020 K&M v BCTMB (Administrative Law) – BCFIRB decision – Successful defense of appeal
  4. Godbout v Notter, 2019 BCSC 1481 (court costs for personal injury action)
    The judge awarded my client double costs for the trial and awarded 1.5 times the double costs for two counsel attending trial.
  5. Gascoigne v Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company (Desjardins Insurance), 2019 BCSC 1241
    In this case, our client’s disability benefits were terminated.  The court ordered that the disability benefits had to be reinstated and payment be continued going forward.  The court also awarded $30,000 in aggravated damages against the insurance company.
  6. Noftle v Bartosch, 2018 BCSC 766 (personal injury)
    In this case, ICBC offered my client $300,000 to settle.  At trial we sought $1.2 million. The judge awarded $1.18 million.
  7. Godbout v Notter, 2018 BCSC 1043 (personal injury)
    In this case ICBC denied liability offering no compensation until making a small offer on the eve of trial.  The judge determined the other driver to be fully liable and awarded $583,000.
  8. Schlachter v. Foster, 2017 BCSC 300 (personal injury)
    In this case, ICBC found my client to be fully at fault for the accident.  The judge determined the other driver to be fully at fault for the accident.
  9. Renaerts v. Renaerts, 2015 BCSC 1028 (personal injury)
    In this case ICBC offered$100,000 to settle the case.  The judge awarded $321,000.
  10. Toor v. Aujla, 2015 BCSC 1104 (removal of CPL)
  11. Derksen v. Canada Safeway Limited, 2013 BCSC 2346 (production of privileged documents)
  12. Spenst v. Reemeyer, 2013 BCSC 1394 (production of privileged documents)
  13. Hood v Zulyniak, 2013 BCSC 2616 (document production in a fast track action)
  14. Jarvie v. Banwait, 2013 BCSC 337 (commercial lease and estate litigation)
  15. Hood v. Wrigley, 2013 BCSC 231 (personal injury)
    In this case ICBC offered $50,000.  The judge awarded $253,000.
  16. Paradis v. Daley WCAT (Administrative law) – Successful defense on worker issue
  17. Bains v. Bhullar, 2012 BCSC 1418 (real estate transaction)
    In this case, we successfully established fraud against a vendor in the sale of a blueberry farm.
  18. Prins Greenhouses Ltd. v. Garden Back to Eden Organic Ltd., 2010 BCSC 1939 (debt claim upheld at the Court of Appeal)
  19. Learie v. Garg, 2010 BCSC 1938 (foreclosure and equitable set-off)
  20. Riverside Equipment Inc. v. Tige Industries Ltd., 2009 BCSC 1921 (contractual interpretation and contra proferentem)
    In addition to these judgments, I have successfully run numerous jury trials, which do not result in reported decisions.
  • Board Member, Chilliwack Community Services 2010-2011
  • Vice-President, Chilliwack Community Services 2011-2012
  • President, Chilliwack Community Services 2012-2016
  • Past President, Chilliwack Community Services – 2016 – present
  • Director, Chilliwack Children’s Foundation 2008-2012
  • Vice Chair, Chilliwack Children’s Foundation 2012-2013
  • Chair, Chilliwack Children’s Foundation 2013-present
  • Member, Chilliwack Mt. Cheam Rotary Club 2006-present
  • Board Member, Mt. Cheam Rotary Club 2015 – present
  • President – Elect, Mt. Cheam Rotary Club 2016-2017
  • President – Mt. Cheam Rotary Club 2017 – 2018
  • Past President – Mt. Cheam Rotary Club 2018 – 2019
  • Advisory Committee Member, Starfish Backpack Program 2015 – present
  • Board Member – Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation – 2017 – present
Contact me at lzacharias@zachariasvickers.com  or  604-392-8644